Dear Younger Me 

I kinda went MIA. Oops, sorry.

But I’m back now, ready to kick some blogger butt.



Dear younger me,

Hey you. I’m here to let ya in on a few secrets. I promise they’re true. All of them.

So ya know all those CRAZY adults who keep telling you to not rush things?! Adulting is hard. High school is stressful. With age comes responsibility. Life isn’t the coolest thing ever when you can stay up as late as you want.

They’re right. They’re so right.

I know it’s hard for you to grasp right now and you won’t be able to fully understand until you live it, but life gets tough. Multiplication & division isn’t the hardest thing you’ll come by. Guys and girls can no longer just be ‘friends’. People get weird, and relationships get hard. 

So if there’s one thing you do right now, just live in the moment. These are ‘the days’. Soak in every moment you get to snuggle under Daddy’s arm. Every morning you get to sleep in. Embrace the friendships you have and remember that these things will come to an end, because ya know, all good things must come to an end. (;

Oh and one more thing, don’t worry about what you look like. Your outward beauty is not what matters. It’s what’s in your heart and what overflows through your mouth that matters. Because, there will be a day you’ll find someone you can’t live without, and I can assure you it won’t be because of your outward beauty, but what’s deep within your soul. So just like you wouldn’t walk around with black paint on your face, don’t put black paint in your heart. Feed your soul with life, because all that truly matters is what’s deep within your heart.

These are your days, my darlin’.

Live them.

Love them.

Learn from them.

And hold them tight forever.

-A Girl That Grew Up


Suffering (A Guest Post) 

Suffering. Everyone of us probably has a memory, period in our life, or maybe even a name of a person
that comes up at the word suffering. Each of us live diverse lives, yet we all have suffered to a degree.  

Many of you have had extremely painful childhoods, marriages, etc in the past or present. Maybe you lost the baby you had prayed so long for, had a parent who abused you in various ways, or even watched a loved one go through a difficult trial that pained you because of the pain they felt. 
What I want to say today is that many of us don’t understand how to let Jesus walk with us during trials and suffering, although I think many Christians want to. I know I have desperately wished to know how to trust God in my sorrows, and how to come out of them stronger, but we don’t always know how. 

Something came to me in the past few weeks, and I’m not really sure who or what exactly brought it to my attention. I was impacted by some realizations. Jesus understands our sufferings. Do you believe that? Like really, really believe it?  He doesn’t just see us suffering. He isn’t just sovereign over our trials because He sees good that will come out of them later, He actually understands every little pain and ache we feel, physical and emotional. He knows what it feels like and He wants to walk it with us closely. So what I would challenge and encourage all you beautiful souls to do is invite Him in. When you feel dark inside and not sure where to turn, simply tell Him that 🙂 Remind yourself He’s there even when you can’t feel him and that He knows every thought you have and every struggling you face. Rest in the fact that He will not give you anything you cannot walk through with Him. You will come out stronger. Comfort yourself with the knowledge that He sympathizes with you more than any human can, and that His love for you is without end. 

This post was written by a dear friend of mine, Carissa. She has had to walked through numerous fires and can truthfully say they have only made her stronger. I am so thankful for her insight and I hope this will bless you. She truly has a heart of gold and has and continues to touched so many lives. Her passions range from reaching out to share her story with other lost souls to blasting Rihanna 😉 She graduates in a few weeks and I could not be more hopeful for her future and the huge things she will do to enhance The Kingdom. 

A Higher Calling 

In our culture today, so many people…SO many people are longing for a greater purpose-for a higher calling… And I think especially us as Christians. We get stuck in this rut where we feel like this life is meaningless. This day-to-day, go-go-go life, whether it’s studies or dishes for the 18th time it can sometimes (or most of the time, if we’re being honest) feel pointless, and we long for something greater.  We ask the Lord for something larger. I know I’ve cried out with the same prayer over, and over, and over… And over!… The classic ‘use me for greater things. Show me the higher callings and the greater plans you have for me. I’m ready now, Lord. C’mon…!!’ But you know what I’ve had to learn…? These things are NOT on our time but on God’s.  He has been teaching me through little things here and there. He has been whispering to me… Things like: ‘Savannah, wait on me. Be patient. I’m a good, good Father, and everything I have for you is perfectly mapped out… Including its timing. Just trust ME! I am enough for you. You’re asking for greater things… But have you been faithful with little? Are you ready for much? When you’re standing at that sink…when you’re struggling through that last algebra lesson, longing for something greater…are you doing your work to the best of your abilities, and unto ME?!’ 

He knows what’s best for each one of us, and He tells us over and over again, that He knows the plans he has for us! But we have to learn to wait. Our job is to wait on HIS timing…to do all the task…even the little ones as unto Him. These seemingly ‘little’ things are the things He has called you and me to do…so right now, in this place of longing for more, for greater things, we need to get some perspective. This is what He has given us right now, and He expects us to do them diligently and as if they matter… Because they do. The little things matter, and guess what… They DO lead to bigger, and greater things!
So to the weary high schooler. To the worn out Mama. To the businessman searching for a greater purpose: Wait. On. The. Lord. Commite all your ways to Him, and serve Him to the best of your abilities where you are right now-and I can promise you-greater things will follow. He will make your paths straight, but only if you put your trust fully in Him, and wait on His timing. 🙂

John Waller-While I’m Waiting

Finding Confidence In Christ 

I recently came across a video of Sadie Robertson on Winter Jam, and the topic of her story inspired and encouraged me.  I believe it is a hot topic in our culture (of girls and woman especially), and I think we need to talk about it.

The topic is C O N F I D E N C E. Sadie shared from her heart and told us her story. She shared about how she struggled to find her confidence because she was looking for it in all the wrong places… And sadly, I think a lot of us, (myself included) do. We look for it in how many likes we get on Instagram, the comments we get on our hair, body, voice and eye color ect., but want to know a lil secret?! We will never find our confidence in these places because we will always be let down. We will always long for more. We will never measure up. We will always compare and we will never cease to come up short by the standards we set for ourselves off of what we see others doing.

So where do we find that confidence, and where should it rightfully come from? We should find it in Jesus Christ alone. It should all come from the Lord. Every. Single. Bit. Because you know what? We will not find it elsewhere. When we seek to find our confidence in the Lord, we will because it will no longer be about the likes or what others think of us, but it will be because of what the Lord thinks of us, and He thinks well of you, my dear. In His eyes you are worthy. You are perfectly created in HIS image and He wouldn’t have you any other way. He says you are beautiful, my darling. If you are seeking to live a life fully for Him, He says He is well pleased.  In all honesty, how can one hear these things and not find confidence in Him?! If you truly believe Him when He says you are a good and perfect creature made especially in His image for a divine purpose how can you not find your confidence in Him? No matter what the world says, what the gossip girls in the school hall whisper about you, know that you are worthy, you are a beautiful soul, and nothing can change that. That is worthy of finding confidence in, is it not?!

I think Sadie puts it best when she says:

“You’re never going to be content with who you are unless you allow God to come in, I’m not saying that’s what you have to believe, but I’m saying that’s the best option I’ve ever found … Humans have never given me a better comfort zone than what God can give me.”

~Sadie Robertson

So if you take away anything today, take away the fact that you are beautiful. You are loved. You, beautiful, are worthy. ❤️

– Just an Ordinary Girl with Real Struggles

••Don’t Ever Stop••

Joy and prayer have been my two main focuses the past few weeks. I haven’t stopped praying for the JOY of the Lord, and the contentment only He can bring. The last few weeks have been just bleh; but I haven’t stopped seeking joy. 

In our society joy’s a hard thing to find. Our culture is SO caught up in the lies of this world, and it’s a dark place. The world is yelling so many conflicting things in the ears of the poor people who will listen–who will secumb to their lies. Yelling things like;

‘You’ll never measure up.’

‘She’s prettier.’ 

‘You’re too fat.’ 

‘You’re too skinny.’ 

‘You’re weird.’ 

‘You’ll never be anything’. 

People believe these lies, and I say lies because that’s EXACTLY what they are. Jesus says in Psalm 139:13-14, ‘For you created my inmost being, you knit me together in my mothers womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.’ As the Psalm says, YOU are fearfully AND wonderfully made. That leaves no room for Satan’s lies. You are perfect just the way you are. If you believe his lies, he will steal your joy! Don’t let him do that! 

Pray for the joy of the Lord, and don’t ever stop. He will provide. Always. No matter what. ❤️

Set Free

As I get older and experience more difficult and serious situations in my own life and in the life of others around me I begin to realize my need for Jesus more and more.  My need for everything He has to offer me…  Not just my name as a ‘christian’ or the feel good stuff, but my true need in my deepest, darkest, loneliest moments.

Recently I have had to work through several things that have been churning in my own heart for a long time that have caused bitterness, jealousy, anger and hurt, and I know that I couldn’t make it through all of this on my own accord.  No way, no how.  It’s just too much for our little, sinful souls to handle.  Sometimes there is really nothing anyone can do or say, and nothing even we can do for ourselves except fall down at His feet with all our worries and problems.

We have to lean on Him to Set. Us. Free.  Salvation and a life lived fully committed to Him doesn’t come by our own strength. NOTHING, and I mean nothing can come through our own strength, you have to leave it up to God.  It’s a very hard thing to do, and it takes A LOT of time but it’s so worth it.  Not having to worry about things you really can’t to anything about and having someone to lean on in your darkest night really is as lovely as it sounds.  Being saved is the best thing that ever happened to me…  And the best thing that could ever happen to you! Let Him set you free.  I promise… You will have absolutely no regrets. ♥

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.  The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.”

~2 Corinthians 5:17 ESV~

^^^ANTHEM ^^^