Suffering (A Guest Post) 

Suffering. Everyone of us probably has a memory, period in our life, or maybe even a name of a person
that comes up at the word suffering. Each of us live diverse lives, yet we all have suffered to a degree.  

Many of you have had extremely painful childhoods, marriages, etc in the past or present. Maybe you lost the baby you had prayed so long for, had a parent who abused you in various ways, or even watched a loved one go through a difficult trial that pained you because of the pain they felt. 
What I want to say today is that many of us don’t understand how to let Jesus walk with us during trials and suffering, although I think many Christians want to. I know I have desperately wished to know how to trust God in my sorrows, and how to come out of them stronger, but we don’t always know how. 

Something came to me in the past few weeks, and I’m not really sure who or what exactly brought it to my attention. I was impacted by some realizations. Jesus understands our sufferings. Do you believe that? Like really, really believe it?  He doesn’t just see us suffering. He isn’t just sovereign over our trials because He sees good that will come out of them later, He actually understands every little pain and ache we feel, physical and emotional. He knows what it feels like and He wants to walk it with us closely. So what I would challenge and encourage all you beautiful souls to do is invite Him in. When you feel dark inside and not sure where to turn, simply tell Him that 🙂 Remind yourself He’s there even when you can’t feel him and that He knows every thought you have and every struggling you face. Rest in the fact that He will not give you anything you cannot walk through with Him. You will come out stronger. Comfort yourself with the knowledge that He sympathizes with you more than any human can, and that His love for you is without end. 

This post was written by a dear friend of mine, Carissa. She has had to walked through numerous fires and can truthfully say they have only made her stronger. I am so thankful for her insight and I hope this will bless you. She truly has a heart of gold and has and continues to touched so many lives. Her passions range from reaching out to share her story with other lost souls to blasting Rihanna 😉 She graduates in a few weeks and I could not be more hopeful for her future and the huge things she will do to enhance The Kingdom.