Dear Younger Me 

I kinda went MIA. Oops, sorry.

But I’m back now, ready to kick some blogger butt.



Dear younger me,

Hey you. I’m here to let ya in on a few secrets. I promise they’re true. All of them.

So ya know all those CRAZY adults who keep telling you to not rush things?! Adulting is hard. High school is stressful. With age comes responsibility. Life isn’t the coolest thing ever when you can stay up as late as you want.

They’re right. They’re so right.

I know it’s hard for you to grasp right now and you won’t be able to fully understand until you live it, but life gets tough. Multiplication & division isn’t the hardest thing you’ll come by. Guys and girls can no longer just be ‘friends’. People get weird, and relationships get hard. 

So if there’s one thing you do right now, just live in the moment. These are ‘the days’. Soak in every moment you get to snuggle under Daddy’s arm. Every morning you get to sleep in. Embrace the friendships you have and remember that these things will come to an end, because ya know, all good things must come to an end. (;

Oh and one more thing, don’t worry about what you look like. Your outward beauty is not what matters. It’s what’s in your heart and what overflows through your mouth that matters. Because, there will be a day you’ll find someone you can’t live without, and I can assure you it won’t be because of your outward beauty, but what’s deep within your soul. So just like you wouldn’t walk around with black paint on your face, don’t put black paint in your heart. Feed your soul with life, because all that truly matters is what’s deep within your heart.

These are your days, my darlin’.

Live them.

Love them.

Learn from them.

And hold them tight forever.

-A Girl That Grew Up